Case Studies

The case studies listed on this page do not represent the totality of projects developed by the syncplexity team. The list represents those cases that have contributed most significantly to the development of the model.

The names of the companies have been omitted for confidentiality reasons.

Early Stage — Organizational Development
1La Senia, Spain1996-1997Machining of wood components for the furniture industry40 Staff members
2Benicarlo, Spain1997-1999Wooden furniture60 Staff members
3Martorell, Spain2000-2001Motorbikes supplies assembly200 Staff members
Sustainable Viability
4Switzerland2001-2004The Swiss banking experience cannot be detailed for confidentiality reasons. However, it is fair to say that syncplexity's approach to prestige was profoundly enriched with the four projects conducted in Swiss banks.
5Mexico City2005-2007Printed folding boxes for packaging270 Staff members
6Mexico City2007Automotive parts435 Staff members
7Mexico City2008-2009White line products and anodized aluminum279 Staff members
8Mexico City2009-2010Plastic containers manufacturing140 Staff members
9Mexico City2010Phone carrier210 Involved employees
10Mexico City2011Store network of miscellaneous retail sale (household)120 Involved employees
11Mexico City2011Corrugated cardboard packaging manufacturing 30 Sales division employees
12Mexico City2011-2012Industrial engineering29 Staff members
Expansive Emotional Influence
13Benicarlo, Spain2013-2016Real estate development and construction5 Management board
14Madrid, Spain2016-2018Law firm; banking and finance division8 B&F division employees
15Benicassim, Spain2016-2017Hotel & restaurants180 Staff members
16Benicarlo, Spain2017-2018Retail businesses & marketplace16 Establishments
17La Rapita, Spain2018-2020Tourism-related businesses21 Establishments
18Alcoi, Spain2018-PresentFood market12 Management board
30 Establishments & 59 People involved.
19La Rapita, Spain2019-PresentRetail businesses17 Establishments & 19 people involved
20Alcoi, Spain2019-PresentRetail businesses48 Establishments & 106 Peple involved