What is syncplexity?

syncplexity is a comprehensive competitiveness model designed to facilitate effective business transformation toward prestige.
The syncplexity model is based on the Expansive Emotional Management methodology, which establishes guidelines that guarantee the result obtained from the transformation actions the enterprise will carry out. Furthermore, being integral allows the development of coherent business dynamics, with the benefits that this principle brings to its sustainable competitiveness.

The concept of prestige proposed
by syncplexity refers to a competitive
capacity based on a “constant and intensely growing appreciation towards what a business/brand offers so that it can become the consumer's preference.”

Why does my company need to transform?

From this point on, if a company asks itself why it needs to transform, the answer is simple: because environments have changed, are changing, and will continue to do so at an accelerated and most probably disruptive pace.
Enterprises have witnessed a shift from highly competitive markets to hyper-competitive ones. What will the next transformation be? It is still too early to say, but there is no doubt that if companies do not adapt their business model to the parameters of hypercompetitiveness, prosperity in the medium to long term will be seriously compromised.

Why syncplexity?

Since the beginning of the professional career of its founder (Josep Alzamora), syncplexity has been hired to help companies in financial, organizational, or functional predicaments. Its approach, disruptive from its inception to date, has delivered results where none were thought possible. The ability to deal with severe crises, such as the Global Financial Crisis of 2007-2008 or the COVID-19 Pandemic, has confirmed the syncplexity approach as an effective
alternative to the current marketing-based proposal.

A hypercompetitive market is considered one in which many players offer similar products, where it is easy for new competitors to enter, and where maintaining the ability to provide unique features is short-lived.

What is the transformation proposed by syncplexity?

One of the most distinctive features of the model is that it provides the keys to systemically generating authentic emotional bonding between the brand and its customers.
The ultimate test of whether the job is well done or not, of whether the emotional bonds are real or not, robust or not, will always be the impact that a severe crisis may have on our business. If the company can survive with its own resources, maintaining a sufficient volume of business, it means that genuine emotional bonds have been generated. If not, it means that the job is not well done.

In developing a prestige model, it is necessary to introduce a series of changes in a business, more or less numerous and more or less profound, depending on its foundations. Anyway, business owners must be willing to correct a critical error that occurs on a widespread scale.
By selling “things,” business competitiveness is seriously handicapped. It is requisite to start offering unique and appreciated features. This statement, which seems easy to make, is, in fact, deeply complex because it is not possible to achieve it without being willing to adopt new habits on a personal level. Once we accept that we cannot evolve without real personal changes, we can consider evolving our business.

All business establishments that have adopted the syncplexity model have been able to overcome crises such as the financial and real estate collapse of 2008 or the one caused by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020-21.

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